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Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
of all of the blacks and their escalades. >> did you have a good birthday celebration in seattle? >> i'll talk about it after the break. everybody said friday's show, best show ever with birther queen orly taitz. >> and maya angelou. >> penny marshall. you packed it. >> people want to know what jim ward wasn't on the road. he cannot be allowed out anywhere around human beings. >> jim ward thinks orly taitzs is hot. >> ooh! >> i was like oh, jim! all right. i'll tell you. here she is, my bff, jacki schechner. >> higher standards, people. good morning everyone. if you're a big, fat political geek like i am or interested in this particular election, it should be an interesting week ahead. president obama is in henderson nevada where he's practicing for the next couple of days. both the president and mitt romney's camps are trying to lower expectations so that if someone does particularly well, it will be an apparent surprise. we heard over the weekend that mitt romney is working on some hard-hitting one-liners
Oct 19, 2012 4:00am PDT
totals, a minorly impressive amount. quarter inch around olympia. seattle almost up to another inch of rain. we're starting to make up some of our rainfall deficit over the last month or two. with the next storm system, as it goes through the day we'll get the instability showers behind it. we'll see light rainfall amounts. the bulk of moisture has already moved inland. dry in most of california. the winds did shift. only in the low 80s in many areas like downtown l.a. instead of the impressive heat you've had the last couple days. as the high pressure moves in further, we don't expect the return of hot temperatures. the forecast this morning, temperatures cold in the rockies, pretty mild in most areas, but temperatures will cool off behind that front in the northwest. your forecast for today hit-and-miss showers, not an all day rainout. 51 in' addle. l.a. at 77. a beautiful day from vegas t i mentioned the same in seattle. it's not going to rain all day. just hit-and-miss showers. >>> of course, it's friday. weekend forecast coming up. >> thanks for the reminder, bill. >>> the $35
Oct 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
-- seattle game. didn't get done. >> mike: the game thursday against seattle who hosted the patriots. under 2:00 to go, wilson airs it out to sidney rice, look at the catch. 46 yards. seattle on top, 24-23. tom brady needs to get to the 30-yardline but his pass comes up short. seattle wins. now in a three-way tie for first place in the nfc west. >> raiders ready to roll in atlanta, hoping to knock the falcons off their undefeeted per '. raiders picked off ryan three times in the first half. moore, five catches. raiders led 13-7 at the half. late fourth quarter, raiders on the move. when samuel steps in front of palmer's pass. off the races. carson trying to catch him. can't make the tackle. falcons 20-13. later, mcfadden, pounds into the endz zone. 40 seconds left. d mac, 170 yards rushing but falcons get in field goal range, it's good. the raiders fall to 14. >> nlcs underway at at&t park. fourth inning, cards lead 2-0. complete highlights at 9:00 and 11:00, and game two of the alcs, yankees hosting detroit. new york without their heart and soul, derek jeter, fractured his left ankle last ni
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm PDT
with co's car in seattle. leslie brinkley is in hercules for us. >> that's right. i have been following this, and with police finding the victim's stolen car in chicago -- i'm sorry in seattle, and the two suspects who drove it there are now in custody. they feel as though they have a significant break in this case. hercules detectives are in seattle to talk to tonya and darnell washington. >> they are not officially murder suspects. they are people of interest, particularly since they were in the stolen vehicle from the co homicide. >> the station wagon was stolen from susie co who was found stabbed to death in her entry last friday. officers noticed the blue car with stolen plates. there was a short pursuit. the suspects were surrounded by patrol cars as they tried to ram their way out and run over officers to escape. they were finally taken into custody at gun point. >> two extremely violent individuals who based on what we know have shown no these 10 see to commit violent crime. >> a sawed off shotgun was recovered from the car. 24r* was an escape on august 28th from the jail. five
Oct 10, 2012 10:00pm PDT
seattle, a jail break in san bernardino, and a sheriff's deputy shot in los angeles. how it all might be tired to the murder of a retired teacher here in the bay area. >> tonight, her mother thinks the case may be solved. >> and another night of rain in the bay area, packing some lightning and thunder this time. >> two people in custody tonight may be connected to the murder of a retired school teacher in hercules. darnell washington and his wife, tanya, were arrested this morning in washington state where they were found in the car stolen from suzie's house where she was murdered friday night. the wild scene that unfolded and the trail of mayhem that stretches all the way back to southern california. >> reporter: the discovery of the blue subyou -- suburu with a shot gun inside, the first glimmer of hope. >> the initial reaction is relief. we've been working so hard to find some major clue. >> reporter: this morning, recovers near seattle arrested the couple who smashed the car in a police chase, darnell washington and his wife, tanya, sped off when officers approached them in the st
Oct 16, 2012 4:00am PDT
across the nation. a rainy day in the northwest, around seattle, portland, billings and jackson, wyoming. scattered showers from grand rapids to chicago. much warmer than normal in the nation's midsection. >> kansas city and omaha hover near 80 degrees. 60s in the northwest and east. 80s in new orleans. 85 in sacramento. >>> coming up, the google exec who is saying yahoo! a $60 million incentive to switch companies. >> not a bad career. >>> and a lot of people getting fired up over flaming hot cheetos. >>> and later, a very close call for this guy, who was showing off with a crocodile and almost beca >>> welcome back, everybody. shoppers are returning to the stores and they're spending. retail sales last month were up 1.1% because consumers simply are more confident. merchants saw gains in almost every major category from eating out to smartphones. it is the third-straight monthly increase in retail sales. >> why did you point to me when you mentioned eating out? >> you like food. >>> well, it is no wonder that major retailers are optimistic about the upcoming holiday shopping season. am
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
seattle. do you see this division as a much more physical division, defensively, than it was last year? >> well, it was pretty darn physical last year, i have to say. it was physical out there the other night, our game with seattle. i thought it was a great game, great football game. whether you are talking college football or pro football, one of the best games that i had a chance to witness in the last decade. both teams played their guts out. these guys got out to a 4-0 start. and skelton, they only had 11 points in there. he did do damage against the 49ers defense the last time they met, what does he bring to the table as a quarterback for arizona? what do you have to watch out for? >> really, with all the quarterbacks, you know, skelton, tall, you know, a lot of really good pocket presence, good stature in the pocket, they all have strong arms and very good receivers to throw to, and they will fire it in there. so we did get hurt last year with some big plays. that's what you don't want to have. you don't want to give up the big play and you want to tackle. now do you know if the
Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm PDT
ecase. seattle police -- case. seattle police arrested them for possession of a stolen vehicle. on friday they found her stabbed to death in her home and her car was found missing. >> for the first time we have been working non-stop as a family and with the police and this is the first deep breath we took as a family and as a community. >> we have been working so hard, would want to give the family some peace. >> reporter: police believe they were involved in a crime spree that started in august when the wife helped the husband break out of jail in san bernardino county. he got into a is out out in los angeles county. the suspect shot and wounded a deputy and then they carjacked a vehicle and got away. they now face charges here in southern california and in seattle. live, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a explosion and fire at a home sent one woman to the hospital today. this is cell phone video by neighbors. 40 firefighters attacked the fire. four people were at home at the time of the explosion. one woman was taken to the hospital with burns. the other three reside
Oct 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
other systems these cities included boston, seattle, new york, oakland and san jose or santa clara mta. they all had higher scores than muni. muni was on the bottom. we included bart. since they said other systems did it we decided to look at the systems in paris france. it took months to identify the right officials and in this case either the head of operations or the systems schedulinger all but one which was new york agreed to an extensive interview by two of us and per the rules we were not identified. nevertheless of the interviews as described in the report were significant. all transit systems it became clear had multiple systems that were similar and had challenges and all needed to deal with complex traffic, scheduling, and terrain problems uniquely their own, and yet as we had known the san francisco controller's survey had shown all had higher reliability and rider seaferz than muni and we determined that all systems use switchbacks they only did so in cases of equipment break down or emergencies except for one. one system which happened to be the santa clara mta doe
Oct 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
and touchscreens. now to seattle in the united states at microsoft headquarters. >> founder bill gates and his successor steve ballmer, and join the staff to celebrate 30 years of charitable giving. for steve ballmer, the next few days are crucial. >> we have three imagine -- have reimagined windows 8. >> the boss knows just what is at stake. >> the launch of windows 8 and windows phone is epic for microsoft. it's right up there with the launch of the ibm pc. it starts us on a new era of computing. >> more than 40,000 people across the seattle area aren't generating big profits from windows and office. over the last 10 years they have not produced anything that has changed the world or make consumers go wow, unlike apple to this week launched another ipad. microsoft believes the surface tablet computer, powered by windows 8, will show it can be even smarter. with the computer industry changing rapidly, this firm needs to move fast to stay in touch. bbc news, seattle. >> we will have a debate in a half-hour on the store when an apple addict and microsoft fan argue the pros and cons of each side
Oct 6, 2012 10:00am EDT
it but is still only have about $9 billion in assets and nobody else outside of seattle had heard of it. >> at the same time, when most people think of the terrie kepplinger they came to know that's not the first thing we get to know. i was fascinated by the background that you painted. the last guy in the world that you would expect to be a stiff banker or risky banker. sestak absolutely not. he was a humble guy from iowa. he had a classic charm people picked up baseball games on his lawn and he married his high school sweetheart. he put himself through state school, she was a very humble, every ethical country by the book. he was also extremely awkward i should say. he was much more comfortable looking at financial reports. but there was nothing crazy about him. >> except he was a trumpeter. >> except he was a trumpeter and he would play the trumpet at work in and pull your activities but it was perhaps a little bit strange but not for wamu because they had a very fun culture, so he was one of the first in his family that was sent in actual musician. he was a musician but not for his
Oct 23, 2012 2:00pm PDT
of seattle with a camperable ordinance was able to do it under the first amendment. last week a circuit panel undid that case and they're in the protections and i disagree with the reading and to the polluters that litter on your footsteps and based on the same logic as the citizens united ruling and considers the corporate super pacs the same as real people but with our city attorney i am introducing legislation today and suspend our pilot programs until we see if seattle's law is consistent with the first amendment and i am working with the city attorney to find alternate approaches for the same goal. the rest i commit. >> thank you supervisor. supervisor. >> submit. >> thank you supervisor. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you madam clerk. i have several things. the first is my strong support for the neighborhood theater and in the richmond district. i have been supporting the survival of the neighborhood theaters and i am introducing a motion for what the city can do much more to protect the small independent theaters. i have been working hard to support the balboa theater and the foundat
Oct 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
it is also winter. a chilly 52 up in seattle. the front will not only bring back the normal fall weather, and may help protect us from tropical storm or hurricane fendi. mro, warm, 77-82. out in the tropical atlantic, we are tracking to systems. this one is still just a tropical depression. it is moving northeast and may become a tropical storm, but it does not -- it does not look like it will be coming this way at all. it is expected to move across guantanamo and eastern cuba, into the bahamas. notice how it is expected to turn to the east. that cold front in the northern rockies is headed our way. here comes the front through the lake and it may be timed perfectly to get to the east coast and take sandy away from us. it will all depend on whether the front from the northern rockies gets here in time and strong enough to push the tropical system away. morning fog will burn off to afternoon sunshine on both thursday and friday. then a chance for a shower. the front coming in saturday evening and moving across the area on sunday, bringing tulare and gusty winds and high is only in the 50'
Oct 3, 2012 2:30pm PDT
that you can visit while you are here. i understand you are going through my home time, seattle next year -- my home town. seattle next. i was born and raised there. and of course, if that is not enough for you to do while you are here, you should talk to mohammed about getting tickets to the giants, the 49ers, or outside because that is -- outside plans because that is happening this weekend. that is the fun we have in our great city. we are a large city. i get to talk and write about the things we're doing, and i want you to know that the internment -- and permit, our commitment to greening are parts of what we're here to do because of the advocacy that you do across the country, keep of that work, keep reminding mayors like me and everybody else we have an obligation to take the greening ideas and put them into the urban setting. give our kids the chance to get dirty with their hands, but watch things grow as they grow. this is the only way i know how to run the city. i have worked in this alleyways for many years. worked in the dirtiest smelling streets of our city. i come out loving
Oct 27, 2012 2:00pm PDT
, a seattle man finally convinces '80s rocker, billy idol, to play his birthday party. we'll talk to him in just a moment. >>> why don't we like being scared? i'm going to say you, i don't like to be scared. those shows get high ratings, like walking dead. all that. and people make big money to get scared at haunted houses. like these people, these are pictures from nightmares, fear factor, in niagra falls, canada. why do we like this? when you see those pictures, i don't know if you can see this. it looks ridiculous. >> i have some of those of me on roller coasters. >> all right, wendy, we know you're a behavioral expert. is there something wrong with us? like why do people like to be scared like this? >> no, this is satisfying our biological intentions, think about this. back in our hunter-gatherer past, we had leisure and love, every once in a while, we would have three minutes of hell, where we had to run for our lives, our heart rate was going, we had to get adrenalin going, it was very exciting. one person died, right? the predator, or the catch. we hoped we were not the catch. so
Oct 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
to sink down through the northern rockies and will bring much cooler air in the days ahead. seattle will get a little taste of that today with a temperature of 60 degrees. you notice we're warm from l.a. to vegas and even the inner mountain shortly. 97 in sacramento and red bluff near 99. today should be just like yesterday. >>> it looks to stay very warm in the west. but it won't be quite as hot as we go throughout the rest of the week. >>> thanks so much. >>> coming up, manufacturing grows, a salmonella scare spreads. a dream liner lands somewhere under rainbow. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus why taylor swift is calling out former flame john mayer. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. if the u.s. goes over the so-called fiscal cliff in january, it will cost almost 90% of americans more in taxes for a total of $536 billion. taxes for a typical middle income family making 40 to $64,000 a year could go up by $2,000. >>> in california,
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
into the upper 80s. seattle, nice and comfy, mid 60s. >>> it looks like the rain is still forecast to return to the northwest in many areas of the west this upcoming period. >> bill, thanks. over 7 million cars recalled. is yours one of them? jack welch out at "fortune." starbucks battles mom and pop store starbarks. your early morning celebrity headlines straight ahead. you're watching "early today." >>> i'm lynn berry. right now a strange story involving a boston man arrested at lax during a stop on a flight home from japan. i.c.e. agents say he was wearing a bullet proof vest, flame retardant pants, and carrying a smoke bomb in his luggage. and that's not all. this is just some of what else they allegedly found in his baggage. believe it or not, agents do not think he is a terrorist. an investigation continues. >>> well, this morning the government will issue a warning that thousands of airbags replaced over the last three years could be dangerous counterfeits. you will be able to learn f your model is at risk. just go to >>> newly released images show what police hope will
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm PDT
was the break that they needed in this case, a quick thinking police officer in the seattle area discovered the car that they have been looking for for five days. >> she didn't deserve to die this way. >> reporter: neighbors on ash court embraced one another as news spread that police found susie ko's stolen subaru and arrested a couple found driving it. >> i'm glad they caught somebody. it is awesome. >> reporter: darnell and tania washington are behind bars following a chase with seattle tacoma police. authorities say officers spotted the stolen car. >> it is one of the key evidence. >> reporter: the retired school teacher was found stabbed to death in her home friday night. since then police have been searching for the stolen car. >> king county was able to find suspects in the vehiclet that gives us more of a lead than if we would have found it parked on the street somewhere. >> reporter: police say the husband and wife team have been on the run. darnell washington escaped from jail on august 28. investigators say his wife helped him. darnell washington is accused of shooting a los ange
Oct 16, 2012 4:00am PDT
portions of the rockies. you can see one area of enhanced rain north of seattle towards bell ling ham. you will drive into that. south of i-5, hit-and-miss showers mostly in the higher elevations, areas like portland. we kept showers in the forecast, all areas of the northern rockies and northwest, another very warm day in southern california, near 90 once again. that's a look at for you. off-shore wind means warm temperatures, 82 degrees. >>> maybe the people in san diego can enjoy the sunshine and forget about the football game you'll tell us about later in the show. >> bill, thanks so much. if you have a pet, we have a food recall to tell you about. and the shocking appearance of the 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. >> peyton manning's heerk lean comeback ties dan marino for most fourth quarter come backs. it was unbelievable. you're watching "early today." >>> here are some of the stories making news this morning. khalid sheikh mohammed showed up to court in guantanamo bay with his beard died a bright reddish orange color. the self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind and four defendants
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in this case. >> two suspects in the murder of a hercules woman were caught in seattle and now being tied to a series of crimes. >> kept pulling on the cord. i was going to wave. hi, mike. hi, suzy. >> mike bar says his murdered neighbor does not deserve to be caught up in what is believed to be a crime spree from southern california to washington state. >> after interview was the subjects and... reviewing items that were recovered from the car, they feel we can now refer to these people as suspects. >> the 24-year-old and his wife appeared in court today. they were arrested near seattle yesterday after being chased in ko's subaru. police say darnell escaped with the help of his wife, police believe he wounded a los angeles county sheriff's deputy with a shotgun. king's county prosecutor says a sawed off shotgun and several shells were found in the car when arrested the burning question is what could have led the suspects to the home? do we know how these people ended up crossing paths? i can't discuss that at this time. >> i want to know why they picked this house. this court. why did th
Oct 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
a possibility in the city of seattle. dry in the middle of the country. >> much warmer than usual in colorado and the dakotas. denver will hit 81. chicago and minneapolis are seasonable. mild in the northeast with boston in the mid 70s. >>> coming up next after the break, all the details of the amazing fall from the edge of space. >>> plus, the reason you are paying more when you're eating out. it's all ahead in your business news. >>> and the shuttle "endeavour" finally arrives at its final destination. fair to say it took the slow route to get there. >>> welcome back, everybody. there's not much refreshment in this year's c.o.l.a. the social security cost of living adjustment announced tomorrow won't be too much. preliminary figures put it between 1% and 2%. just $12 to $24 more a month. it's the smallest percentage since automatic adjustments began 37 years ago. and that may not sit too well with older voters. >>> business economists are not expecting improvement in the economy either. they predict a growth rate late this year of less than 2%. increasing slowly to 3% by the end of next yea
Oct 15, 2012 11:00am PDT
oakland both are in stable condition. >>> prosecutors in seattle will decide today if a couple suspected of murder in hercules will be extradited to california. darnell antonia washington were arrested near seattle. they are wanted in southern california on charges that include a prison escape and shooting at a deputy when arrested the kim was driving the stolen car owned by susie ko the retired teacher from hercules found murdered in her home october 5th. >>> right now a judge is holding a closed hearing to determine if a teen charged with attempted murder and stealing a lamb gain any will stand trial. max wade is charged with several felony counts. he stole the lamborghini to impress a girl then shot at her and boyfriend after she rejected him. >>> port of oakland commissioner are meeting tonight to consider legal action against one of their own officials accused of spending thousands of public money at a strip club. the board says an audit shows a port official spent $4500 at a houston strip club in 2008. the board didn't discover where the money was spent until earlier this year. the
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
schoolteacher will find out if they're going to be exindicted to california or face charges in seattle first them were arrested last week after a chase. authorities say the couple was driving suzy ko's stolen car, ko found murdered october 5th. a funeral will be held in st. patrick's church in rodeo on friday. >>> a teenager accused of stealing a tv chef's lamb genie and shoot agent two people will have to stand dril. -- trial. a judge determined there was enough evidence to try max wade on various charges including attempted murder and possessing stolen property. police say he stole the $200,000 car so he can impress a girl after she rejected him he is accused at shooting at a car with the girl and her boyfriend in the car. >> the finding has nothing to do with guilt or inshuns of the client. simply finding the case can go forward to the next stage. >> the judge dea.accused wade of trying to pull a loaded weapon on detectives. >> president barack obama and mitt romney off the campaign trail today, preparing for tomorrow's debate. michelle obama filed her absentee ballot. the president will
Oct 16, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. owners will pick the host cities next may. by the way, abc7 will carry the 49ers game against seattle live this thursday. here is a look at the thursday lineup. at 4:00, an hour long pre game show featuring jerry rice and brent jones. game time is 5:00. the niners host the seahawks followed by a special edition of "after the game" where we will give away $49,000 to someone who likes us on hour facebook page. a lot of people wondering what the weather will be like for the game this thursday. sandhya patel is here now. >> carolyn, it will be picture perfect weather. the 49ers hosting the seahawks at candlestick at 5:20. it will be warm. as the sun goes down at 6:27, the temperatures will come down. 68 degrees at the ballpark. it looks like short sleeve weather, a great looking day for the ballgame. i want to show you a time lapse from earlier tonight. this was the waxing crescent moon as we look back toward san francisco and coit tower from our high definition camera. let's check out live doppler 7hd and the skies were so clear that we were able to capture that moon. as we look at live
Oct 19, 2012 4:30am PDT
don't hear the fat lady singing not for the 49ers. >> they beat seattle. 49 and seahawks at candlestick only one touchdown to show you, smith to walker great block from davis, scores 9ers lead 10-6 defense was awesome. quarterback wilson blasted on this throw, 9ers get the win 13-6 improve season record to 5 and 2. >>> not the only reason why it was a big night. we gave away $49,000. >> you're the big winner of the $49,000 sweepstakes? >> oh my god! >> that was pennye crow from the north bay she entered hours before the deadline. nick smith presented penny with a big check. she's she is going to give some to her -- children and grandchildren her friends -- [ unintelligible ] she added she wasn't going to answer the phone last night fearing it was a robo call. but, nope it wasn't foye she $49,000 richer -- >> she was speechless after she won. time for a look at cast. >>> what a quick cool-down record temperatures then mike this is coming on in a hurry. >>> flipping the switch. when you step out you notice the difference by looking up the cloud cover, mild in the 60s cloud
Oct 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
for the touchdown, seattle on top. but with just 24 second left in regulation, matthew stafford connects with titus young for the score. lions win 28-24. detroit improves to 3-4. seattle falls to 4-4. >> the patriots and rams playing in london. this game was all new england. tom brady threw for more than 300 yards and four touchdowns, two to brandon lloyd. rob gronkowski had a big game with 146 yards receiving and two scores. the patriots crush st. louis, 45-7. >> the the new york led dallas 23-0. the cowboys nearly came all the way back. with just seconds live, romo goes deep to dez bryant who makes the catch for what appears to be the go-ahead score but the replay show bryant's hand came down out-of-bounds so the call was reversed. new york wins 29-24. great finish win the colts and titans. andrew luck finds ballard. check this out. 180 back spin into the end zone. worth one more look. the colts improve to 4-3 with the 19-13 victory. >> being called the duel. tiger woods and rory mcilroy will play an 18-hole match in china. woods will gate $2 million appearance fee and mcilroy gets a million. >>>
Oct 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
acres about 40 miles from seattle. some people in the town of shelton were forced from their homes. officials say no part of that fire is contained just yet. >>> and with that, we take a look at weather from across the country, as we start our holiday weekend here. stormy and chilly around cincinnati, chicago, st. louis and little rock. also, thunderstorms for much of florida. lingering snowshowers in morn minnesota. >> just 47 in the twin cities. 50s for much of the midwest and central plains. 77 in dallas. and 80s from new orleans to new york. 60s from salt lake city to seattle. >>> and when we come back this morning, with all the talk about jobs, we get some all-important numbers later today. >>> then, more coffee, more jobs. starbucks announcing ambitious, new plans. >>> and lights, camera, will you marry me? what might be one of the most intricate wedding proposals ever. >>> welcome back, everybody. well, from wall street to the campaign trail, the big focus is today's release of the september employment report, the next-to-last one before the election. and it is likely to sho
Oct 11, 2012 4:30am PDT
minneapolis for highs today 60s to 70s around d.c. and seattle excuse me d.c. and atlanta also seattle and portland if you are traveling today all major airports except newark are on time i expect flight arrival delays here at sfo we'll have them with our flight tracker at at the bottom. >>> a story we brought you yesterday at midday. no school at miami-dade community college for the rest of the week while florida investigators try to figure out what caused a five story garage under construction to crumble? the accident killed two workers and another missing. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: tense moments on the campus of miami-dade college. rescuers scrambling to save lives. after a section of a parking garage under construction collapsed, killing two and trapping two others. one man was rescued from underneath a steel beam his face and hands bloody. >> we have another victim in there alive >> reporter: another worker trapped for 12 hours. overnight rescuers used a crane to remove debris and amputated his legs to pull him from under the rubble. 10 were hurt when the
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, officers near seattle arrested a couple who smashed the car in a police chase. 24-year-old darnell washington and his 25-year-old wife tanya sped off when officers approached them in the stolen car. police say they arrested the pair at gunpoint, after they repeatedly rammed several patrol cars that boxed them in. the man and woman are considered persons of interest right now, not murder suspects. >> we just know they were in the stolen vehicle, and they're certainly people that we do want to talk to. if they are not the suspects, hopefully they can give us information that will lead us back to the suspects. >> the washingtons are wanted in a crime spree that began when the wife apparently helped her husband to escape from the san bernardino jail on august 28. five days later, the man allegedly shot a sheriff's deputy before getting away. authorities suspect the washingtons carjacked other cars before susie ko. her family hope the fbi and police can finally solve her murder. >> how is your family holding up? >> after the discovery of this news, much better now. i feel like we can pr
Oct 19, 2012 4:00am PDT
. the niners beat seattle 13-6. college ranks, number two oregon trampled arizona state in a lopsided victory. the ducks raced out to a lead at halftime. they rushed for more than 400 yards. they win 43-21. oregon remains undefeated at 7-0. >>> when we return, winning women voters. women in battleground states could hold the key to victory in the race for the white house. victory in the race for the white house. wildfire has sparked in lake county. the mandatory evauations underway right n. a warning for drivers. anotr major bridge closure this weekend. which alternate routes you should consider. funny men. both presidential candidates shaa stage again last night. this time they traded attacks for laughs. and are gas prices finally falling? join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginng at 4:30. good morning. it's friday, ,,,, >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. washington partly sunny 74 degrees. atlanta mostly sunny 73. st. louis cloudy chance of showers 58 dress. denver 76 degrees. seattle rain, 57 degrees. 57 ee >>> back to politics now. both pre
Oct 15, 2012 11:30am PDT
street in west oakland both are in stable condition. >>> prosecutors in seattle will decide today if a couple suspected of murder in hercules will be extradited to california. darnell antonia washington were arrested near seattle. they are wanted in southern california on charges that include a prison escape and shooting at a deputy when arrested the kim was driving the stolen car owned by susie ko the retired teacher from hercules found murdered in her home october 5th. >>> right now a judge is holding a closed hearing to determine if a teen charged with attempted murder and stealing a lamb gain any will stand trial. max wade is charged with several felony counts. he stole the lamborghini to impress a girl then shot at her and boyfriend after she rejected him. >>> port of oakland commissioner are meeting tonight to consider legal action against one of their own officials accused of spending thousands of public money at a strip club. the board says an audit shows a port official spent $4500 at a houston strip club in 2008. the board didn't discover where the money was spent until
Oct 11, 2012 8:00pm PDT
. there are also wanted about another shooting of a deputy. this was the scene and the seattle police blocked the car in. the 55 year-old teacher was found dead in her home on friday night and her car was missing. right now the two are just being listed as persons of interest. >> some of the family members were here today check-in on the home and they have been cleaning up the memorial. they stated that there are very happy for all the support from the community. >> this is a husband and wife do low and they did not show up in court today they have a slew of charges against them. hercules detectives are showing a probable cause warrants for their arrest. the couple is also been charged with assault, possession of a stolen vehicle, and being fugitives. they were arrested while in seattle washington yesterday at they >> dardanelles bail is set at $3.8 million and the wife is set at $1.7 million. and hercules kron 4 news. >> oakland is getting a lighting upgrade and it is supposed to reduce crime. all this is changing and new street lights are going along many streets. there are more of these fl
Oct 30, 2012 12:30pm PDT
in france. we talked to the people in seattle and boston and the san jose and santa clara area. am i leaving any out? >> [inaudible] >> and we also talked to bart. >> [inaudible] >> boston, seattle, yes. new york didn't speak to us. san jose, santa clara, yes. >> [inaudible] >> oakland is the ac. yes. the transit system, the alameda county system and they said emphatically we believe it's an insult to use the switchbacks other than for emergencies and break downs. >> got it. in each of the jurisdictions none of them use switchbacks for traffic smoothing. >> correct. except the one in san jose santa clara who got one of our ex-operation managers, a mr. burns. >> got it. all right. thank you very much. >> thanks jack. we have another jack, jack toumy and another grand jury member and summarizing the findings. he will go over our recommendations and again with the responses of the sfmta and the mayor. since the mayor's responses were identical to muni they will be discussed simultaneously. jack. >> hello there. f1, switchbacks violate the spirit of the city charter. the mun
Oct 21, 2012 11:30pm EDT
news tonight, water spouts and funnel clouds north of seattle, washington. details on the extraordinary sighting. >> weather-wise here, nice temperatures today. even nicer in the weekend ahead. we'll talk about it ahead. >> water spouts and funnel clouds were spotted north of seattle. a man waiting for a ferry captured this of a water spout touching down. people reported seeing water spouts and funnel clouds. the spout lasted between 30 and 90 seconds. in washington state, snow. a winter advisory was in effect in snowqualmie pass. higher elevations could get up to 10 inches of snow. your old stomping grounds, right? >> just down the right. >> looks like winter. >> we are headed the other direction. nice enough day during the day today. temperatures were fall all intenths and purposes right on the normal. 66 was the high and average is 65. 45 was the low and low or average is 44 for this date. no where near the records of 90 and 26 degrees set a number of years ago. so this was just what you'd expect this time of year, all right? now, let's look at what we have for temperatures after the
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